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POA Online Subscription

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An online (Internet) subscription gives 24/7 online access for 12 months to the searchable Protection of Assets (POA) Online. Internet connection is required; this is not an electronic download. The online subscription does not include the hardcover volumes. Activation may take up to three business dates from the date of purchase.
This invaluable resource, which has been in existence since 1974, is considered to be the premier reference for the security industry. Written, edited, and updated by hundreds of veteran security subject matter experts, this comprehensive source covers all aspects of security including security management, crisis management, security officer operations, investigations, information security, physical security, applications, and legal issues.

The eight-volume Protection of Assets (POA) is intended for a wide readership. All business managers and protection professionals with an assets protection responsibility will find this information pertinent in each subject area, and helpful in effectively tackling critical security issues and organizing special research projects. Of particular significance are the various forms, matrices, and checklists that help give the reader a practical start toward application of the security theory relative to a specific situation. This publication also serves as a central library reference for students pursuing a program in security or assets protection.  

The POA set and a set of 
ASIS standards and guidelines comprise the CPP reference materials. Candidates are encouraged to refer to the following reference material as they are preparing for the CPP examination. After carefully reviewing the domains of study and identifying individual learning needs, candidates may use additional references and study opportunities as necessary.

Please note that online subscriptions and downloadable products are nonrefundable, nontransferable.

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