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Protection of Assets (POA) is intended for a security professional to find current, accurate, and practical treatment of the broad range of asset protection subjects, strategies, and solutions in a single source.

The need for such a comprehensive resource is quite widespread according to the editors, writers, and many professional colleagues whose advice has been sought in compiling this text. The growing size and frequency of all forms of asset losses, coupled with the related increasing cost and complexity of countermeasures selection, demand a systematic and unified presentation of protection doctrine in all relevant areas, as well as standards and specifications as they are issued. Of course, it would be presumptuous to assume that any small group of authors could present such material unaided. It is, therefore, a fundamental objective of Protection of Assets to draw upon as large a qualified source base as can be developed. The writers, peer reviewers, and editors attempt to distill from the available data, common or recurrent characteristics, trends, and other factors, which identify or signal valid protection strategies. The objective is to provide a source document where information on any protection problem can be obtained.



Protection of Assets is intended for a wide readership: all security professionals and business managers with asset protection responsibility. The coherent discussion and pertinent reference material in each subject area should help the reader conduct unique research that is effective and organized. Of particular significance are the various forms, matrices, and checklists that give the reader a practical start toward application of the security theory to his or her own situation. POA also serves as a central reference for students pursuing a program in security or asset protection.



We hope that Protection of Assets becomes an important source of professional insight for those who read it and that it stimulates serious dialogue between and among security professionals. Any reader who is grappling with an unusual, novel, or difficult security problem and would appreciate the opinions of others is encouraged to write a succinct statement describing the problem and send it to us at ASIS [[email protected]]. At the reader’s request his identity will not be disclosed, but the problem will be published with invitations for comment. Readers are also encouraged to communicate agreement or disagreement with strategies or applications recommended in POA and to suggest alternatives. We reserve the right to publish or refrain from publishing submitted material. The editors also solicit statements of reader opinion on matters of asset protection policy in which a cross-sectional view would be helpful.



Readers with supervisory or management responsibility for other security and asset protection personnel will find POA to be a useful resource from which to assign required readings. Such readings could be elements of a formal training syllabus and could be assigned as part of related course sessions.

With all these objectives in mind, we present to you Protection of Assets, in the sincere belief it will enhance your expertise in the security field.


Michael E. Knoke, CPP
Managing Editor