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​The success of this publication is directly related to the peer review process recognized by most professions. Security professionals, members of academia, and other subject matter experts were involved in contributing current information, conducting research, reviewing submissions, and providing constructive comments so that we are able to provide a publication that is recognized as the “go to” reference for security professionals worldwide.

It is with sincere appreciation that I wish to thank the below-named individuals who contributed to Protection of Assets.
​Teresa M. Abrahamsohn, CPP
Sean A. Ahrens, CPP
Marene N. Allison
Randy I. Atlas, CPP
George J. Barletta, CPP
Mark H. Beaudry, CPP
Regis W. Becker, CPP
Brent Belcoff, CPP
Howard J. Belfor, CPP
Adolfo M. Benages, CPP
Lawrence K. Berenson, CPP
Alexander E. Berlonghi
Raymond J. Bernard, PSP
Henri A. Berube
Martin T. Biegelman, J.D.
Daniel E. Bierman, CPP, PSP
Patrick C. Bishop, CPP
Dennis R. Blass, CPP, PSP
Keith C. Blowe, CPP
Paul F. Boyarin, CPP, PCI
Tom Boyer
Pete Brake, Jr., CPP
Darryl R. Branham, CPP
Joseph P. Buckley, III
Jason Caissie, CPP, PSP
Lucien G. Canton, CPP
James P. Carino, Jr., CPP
Sue Carioti
James S. Cawood, CPP, PCI, PSP
Steve Chambers, CPP, PSP
Richard E. Chase, CPP
John C. Cholewa, III, CPP
Tom M. Conley, CPP
Geoffrey T. Craighead, CPP
Michael A. Crane, J.D., CPP
Bruce A. Dean, CPP
Fritz X. Delinski
Edward P. De Lise, CPP
David A. Dobbins, PSP
Colin Doniger, CPP, PSP
Clifford E. Dow, CPP
Christina M. Duffey, CPP
Brandon Dunlap
Nick Economou
Cheryl D. Elliott, CPP, PCI
James W. Ellis, CPP, PSP
William R. Etheridge
Gregory Alan Ewing, CPP, PSP
Kenneth G. Fauth, CPP
Lawrence J. Fennelly
Donald J. Fergus
Eugene F. Ferraro, CPP, PCI
James H. Fetzer, III, CPP
Michael T. Flachs, CPP
Linda F. Florence, Ph.D., CPP
Richard H. Frank, CPP
Kenneth M. Freeman, CPP
Peter J. French, CPP
​Mary Lynn Garcia, CPP
John W. Gehrlein, CPP
Eva Giercuszkiewicz, MLS
Gregory A. Gilbert, CPP
Frederick G. Giles, CPP
Timothy D. Giles, CPP, PSP
David H. Gilmore, CPP
Christopher Giusti, CPP
Leo Gonnering, PSP
Brian D. Gouin, PSP
Richard P. Grassie, CPP
Benjamin P. Greer
Steven R. Harris
Ronald D. Heil, CPP
Ed Heisler, CPP, PSP
Richard J. Heffernan, CPP
Chris A. Hertig, CPP
William T. Hill, CPP
Ronald W. Hobbs, CPP
Mark D. Hucker, CPP
W. Geoffrey Hughes, PCI
John L. Hunepohl
Gregory L. Hurd, CPP
Gregory W. Jarpey, PSP
Sheila D. Johnson, CPP, PSP
Thomas R. Jost
Diane Horn Kaloustian
Cathy M. Kimble, CPP
R. Michael Kirchner, CPP
Glen W. Kitteringham, CPP
Michael E. Knoke, CPP
Terrence J. Korpal
James M. Kuehn, CPP
David Lam, CPP
Rich LaVelle, PSP
Robert F. Leahy, CPP, PSP
Robert E. Lee
Jeff Leonard, CPP, PSP
Todd P. Letcher
Emblez Longoria, CPP, PSP
Cynthia Long
Richard E. Maier, CPP
Loye A. Manning, CPP, PSP
Robert L. Martin, CPP
Ron Martin, CPP
Roger B. Maslen, CPP
Judith G. Matheny, CPP
Edward F. McDonough, Jr., CPP
Richard A. Michau, CPP
Bonnie S. Michelman, CPP
Owen J. Monaghan, CPP
Wayne Morris, CPP, PSP
Patrick M. Murphy, CPP, PSP
Carla Naude, CPP
James W. Nelson
Robert L. Oatman, CPP
Gerald A. O’Farrell, CPP
Peter E. Ohlhausen
Leonard Ong, CPP
Harm J. Oosten, CPP
S. Steven Oplinger
Denis A. O’Sullivan, CPP
Jaime P. Owens, CPP
Gerard P. Panaro, J.D.
James F. Pastor, Ph.D.
David G. Patterson, CPP, PSP
John T. Perkins, CPP
Karl S. Perman
Kevin E. Peterson, CPP
Charlie R. A. Pierce
Doug Powell, CPP, PSP
Patrick K. Quinn, CPP
Roy A. Rahn, CPP
John D. Rankin, CPP
William G. Rauen, CPP
David L. Ray, LL.B.
Joseph Rector, CPP, PCI, PSP
Ty L. Richmond, CPP
Lisa M. Ruth
Jeffrey J. Ryder, Jr., CPP, PSP
Mark A. Sanna, CPP
Stephen Saravara, III, J.D., CPP
Charles A. Sennewald, CPP
Dennis Shepp, CPP, PCI
Shari Shovlin
Marc Siegel, Ph.D.
Laurie Simmons, CPP, PSP
Dennis Smith, CPP
Stan Stahl, Ph.D.
Paul J. Steiner, Jr., CPP
Pamela M. Stewart, PCI
Dan E. Taylor, Sr., CPP
Lynn A. Thackery, CPP, PSP
Mark L. Theisen, CPP
Dave N. Tyson, CPP
Joann Ugolini, CPP, PSP
Darleen Urbanek
Mike VanDrongelen, CPP, PCI, PSP
Karim Vellani, CPP
Barry J. Walker, CPP
Michael W. Wanik, CPP
Roger D. Warwick, CPP
Fritz Weidner
Richard C. Werth, CPP
Allan R. Wick, CPP, PSP
Anthony S. Wilcox, CPP
Donald S. Williams, CPP
Reginald J. Williams, CPP
Richard F. Williams, CPP
Timothy L. Williams, CPP
Gavin Wilson, PSP
Coleman L. Wolf, CPP
Richard P. Wright, CPP
Allison Wylde
Richard Y. Yamamoto, CPP
Scott S. Young, CPP