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How often is POA updated?


Since POA is now published as a book or monograph, in multiple volumes, and no longer a "serial publication," there are no updates or revisions published on a regular schedule to replace or supplement content.

Like any other book title, when it is time to update content, a new edition will be published. This will be determined by the subject matter experts ​who contribute to POA as well as the POA editorial staff and changes in security concepts, tenets, laws, regulations, standards, or procedures.

POA customers will have the option to purchase any subsequent editions if they wish to maintain a current POA set.

POA sets will always be sold with the latest edition of each volume in the set.

Beginning in 2016, several POA volumes are being reviewed by security professionals (CPPs, PCIs, and PSPs as well as related security credentials) and subject matter experts for currency of content.  To date, there has been no need for a new edition.